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DynoTronics has expanded its range of services and products by becoming an Authorized Taylor Dynamometer Distributor.
As your Regional Distributor for the vast European Market, you will benefit from having acces to expert local service on Taylor Products in Europe. This will benifit you throughout the complete process of determining the exact equipment needed, pre-installation advice, on-site installation , operator training and maintenance. The collaboration with Taylor is founded on my expierence and contacts with the Industrial Engine Market. Providing the best possible service for your dynamometer system will result in the highest return on your investment.

The product range consists of 2 major groups : Engine Dynamometers and Chassis Dynamometers.
Engine Dynamometers are mostly used for testing engines from
Earth Moving equipment , Marine Applications , Generator Aplications....
Chassis Dynamometers are used for testing Truck Engines in trucks.
Being dedicated to this typical group of users is why our products can be found in more then 2000 locations around the world.

With the increase in environmetal issues, accurate testing of your engines under all load conditions has become a necessity. Therefore, we at Taylor provide you with the latest in Data Acquistion with our DynPro system. This system allows you to precisly control the engine under test and gather data from a wide variety of sensors. Gas analyzers and opacity meters interface with our equipment. Engine ECM diagnostics information can also be displayed on DynPro. An incorporated database allows you to keep track of all test result. Reports can be printed or exported in HTML format to post on your website.

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